North Cascades National Park

Washington State

No Limits was selected to upgrade the audio video systems at the North Cascades Visitor Centers.

Complicated control systems are sometimes required to ensure that the system functions as intended, but sometimes simple push buttons and a volume control is all that s needed.

It is always great when we get to appreciate the wildlife at the parks.

Stahekin's Golden West VC is one of the most remote parks located in the continental US.  This portion of North Cascades is only' accessible via boat or plane.  The system requirement was for a TV, a push button to start the film, and ADA compliance for the system.  Working in such a remote location always requires detailed pre-planning to ensure that the job is completed on schedule and properly.

North Cascades VC was upgraded to provide HD video and audio sources to the existing system.  The system was also upgraded to provide ADA compliance.

Olympic National Park VC was upgraded to install new HD audio and video systems.  The system also provided ADA compliance for the park.