Minot Air Force Base

Minot, ND

No Limits A/V Inc. was selected to work at Minot Air Force Base in Minot SD.  We have had the opportunity to work there two different times in the Jimmy Doolittle Center.

The dining room prepares food for many people each day and provides banquet and meeting facilities for the base.

The Jimmy Doolittle Center is used for many different activities.  The center provides audio and video to the entire facility.  There are seven different projectors in the system.  There are five separate zones in the entire facility.  Each zone can display and the speakers can reproduce audio from a local HDMI or VAG input.  Each zone can also be combined or separated to display inputs from other rooms or the cable or computer located in the equipment rack.

Sometimes the long  trips take its  toll on the  truck and trailer.  Yep, definitely needs a  washing after  a long trip through snow, ice, and salt.

The equipment rack at the center provides audio and video switching and mixing for each zone.  Cable TV, HDMI and VGA inputs, wirelss audio, and DVD capabilities are all avaialbe from the rack mounted touch panel.